What we Do

Our Mission: To ensure young people everywhere have access to quality musical theater programs.


Adapting Broadway musicals for performance by elementary, middle and high school students.
Building intuitive teaching resources that guarantee educators have a successful experience producing one of our shows.
Creating study guides and innovative educational programs for Broadway shows.
Creating new musicals for family audiences like: The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley, Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka, The Ant and the Elephant and Jim Henson’s Emmet Otter.
Constantly researching and developing the absolute best practices that allow educators to create successful, cost-effective and sustainable musical theater programs.

Why Musicals?
Musicals are the most efficient way to deliver all of the arts disciplines in one package. Singing, acting and dancing introduce young people to music, language arts and physical education. The creation of backdrops, costumes and props engage young people to the visual arts. Computer-driven lights, sound and projections expose young people to the digital arts and provide students with cutting-edge, twenty-first century skills. That’s the power of musical theater.


* Offering programs like the Junior Teaching Intensive and Broadway Academy to help students and teachers develop their skills as musical theater artists.